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RC FPV Equipment for basic FPV system?

Where to start and how to build a FPV system.

We will try list a solution on how to build a FPV system. What equipment would be good to buy. You are able to find very expensive FPV gear, please do not start out with the expensive stuff. We will try to list some of the best and low cost FPV equipment.

1. Finding a FPV platform (modelplane)

If you are new in FPVflying you want to start out with a easy stabel modelairplane. We surggest a model like the easystar or easyglider.



This setup for the Easystar it's very effectiv and low cost:

Brushless Inrunner Motor

30amp Speed Controller $14.63

Speed controller

Use this prop, no need to cut the foam in tailboom. 

prop $3.37

Good low cost Lipo11,1V battery 2450 mAh 30C



Lipo Battery 


If you want a low cost fpv plane you could also try this

Easy epo glider

Easy Fly RTF Glider EPO

2. RC controller

A low cost solution for a long range RC TX 9 Channel



The best value 9Ch system available



2.4Ghz JR module 

To boost the Tx for long range, you can use a 2.4GHz amplifier. We will list a few solutions for this. A standard RC tx will  have an output on 10mW - 30mW. with a booster you will have an output on 500 - 1000 mW

Do not use video TX on 2,4 Ghz when you use a RC rtx on 2,4 Ghz.

1000 mW amplifier $179



500mW amplifer  $44.90

3. Small FPV camera


$ 98.95

FPV Camera

4. AV transmitter and Receiver



900 Mhz 1000mW long range AV transmitter




900 MHz AV Receiver for FPV flying

5. Video goggles



FPV video Goggles


For easy navigation when you are flying, you also need a FPV OSD this item will show you your home location, speed, battery volt and more. It's not a must to have OSD installed in your FPV plane, but if you are flying long range missions and don't wanna get lost, you will find this very needy.



RUSH OSD for FPV flying

7. Antenna for long range wireless video transmit.



 900 MHz long range Flat Patch Antenna

A complete FPV system will cost you around $1100USD

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